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Does organic ghee help in weight loss Myth or Fact?

Author - Dipinnita Das

Back in 2016, I was struggling with overweight and PCOD. It is not unknown that PCOD and weight gain go hand in hand. It is a lifestyle disease, and switching to a better lifestyle controls the PCOD problem. Diet plays an important role in weight gain or loss. Diet does not mean you have to eat boiled food and only soups and salads. No, never! A healthy diet comprises everything but in measured portions. 

Cooking the food is another vital factor that most of you or back then, I was also not sure about. A fitness coach of mine asked me to switch from refined oil to organic ghee to cook the food, and that was when I came to know that GHEE has been the SUPERFOOD since the days of Ayurveda. Yes, like you, I was also in shock because all these years of my childhood, we only heard that having ghee would make you fat. 

But that is not true! It is influence of the western culture and the various experimental western diet that people have had for many long years. We Indians are influenced by western diet culture and forget the roots of our ancient India. In Ayurveda, ghee is like an energy booster and fights everyday fatigue. Scientifically, it has medium-chain fatty acids which process through the liver and release energy. Before we dive into how organic ghee helps in weight loss, we must bust certain myths linked with ghee.


#Myth 1: Not easy to digest

Many people think that ghee is not easily digestible. But the reality is that it has Butyric Acid, promotes immunity and lowers the inflammation that supports digestion. It improves your bowel system and improves the gastric acids that maintain and even repair the stomach mucus lining. It even helps in digestion and improves gut health.

#Myth 2: Heart patients cannot have ghee

Some doctors say to heart patients that it is harmful to have ghee. But research says that ghee is rich in vitamins like D, E, and A that reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels and open the arteries. There is no question of calcium deposit in the heart passage. Ghee is the best alternative of all commercialized refined oil. 

#Myth 3: Toxic for the entire health

Having anything too much in quantity is toxic. So, if someone includes ghee in the regular diet in a moderate amount, it boosts the insulin level and keeps diabetes in control. It keeps a proper hormonal balance in women that regulates mood swings. 

#Myth 4: Cause weight gain

This is the most hype myth, and for this myth, many people are still unaware of the goodness that ghee offers in weight loss and not weight gain. It has conjugated linoleic acid that helps in weight loss. When someone consumes ghee, it mobilizes the fat cells to burn the energy and even promote body mass.

Ghee is the SUPERFOOD for Weight loss

Most people believe that to lose weight, one has to do a lot of exercises and eat fat-free food. These are the old misconceptions that have no scientific proof. Rather, some fats are very good for our health. The fat that we get in ghee or clarified butter falls under the healthy fat category, and hence it is an amazing ingredient in the weight loss journey. 

Fats in ghee- in ghee, you will get 99.9% fat and only 1% moisture. It also has an additional charred fraction of milk protein and soluble vitamins. Ghee comes with the help of saturated fat, and hence when you keep it at room temperature, it does not spoil. 

Ghee preparation- when the churned butter becomes a clarified state, it becomes ghee. You can make ghee from a cow. This is how- Feed Me Good A2 Organic Ghee (Gir or Sahiwal Cow Ghee) is prepared. When it is organic, then it stays good for a long time. The organic ghee has phospholipids, and that keeps it fresh.

Research Study shows that in ghee, one will get DHA, which is a very good omega 3 fatty acid. And doctors say that everyone must intake omega 3 in the diet because our body cannot produce it. Hence, DHA protects from a heart attack, arthritis, insulin resistance and cancer. 

Weight loss and ghee- ghee has omega 6 CLA and omega 3 fats and is therefore good for weight loss. Eating ghee with other food items in moderation will benefit your overall health and reduce that extra inch. Ghee helps in the movement of fat cells in the body and uses them as energy. It also has amino acids that help in the shrinking of fat cells. 


Suppose anyone says that “ghee boost weight gain” then burst their myth scientifically. Also, include 1-2 spoons of ghee in your regular diet, and you will see the result. Having fresh, organic ghee will boost your mood and helps you in your weight loss journey. 

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